Artist Info

Dinkar Jadhav

Expert in : Figurative

I was born into an humble family that hails from Jadhavwadi - a tiny village in Pune District, in the State of Maharashtra, India. As a child, most of my toys were earthen objects - this connection with the Earth was to be a continuous source of inspiration for me in the future. After my schooling I joined the Kala Vishwa Mahavidyalaya at Sangli. Later, I moved to the Abhinava Kala Vidyalaya, Pune. During my student days our library opened the doors for me to the vast world of Art, through books and paintings. As my passion for painting was growing, I came across a book about JMW Turner, the world master landscape painter. His work touched a chord in me. My soul yearned to follow in his footsteps and develop my own style.

As I gathered more knowledge I began working in Impasto. The play of light and shade in Nature had always appealed to me. I felt that painting was nothing but trying to capture Nature\\\'s melodies in colours, light and shadows. I consider myself to be a \\\'realist\\\' but I do not try to imitate or copy Nature. I paint objects as patches of colour, but the forms are abstract. To me, this abstraction is creativity. Nature provides me with inspiration to express my inner vision, which I feel is art. The artist in me derives immense satisfaction when I paint this way.

G.D. Art (Draw & Ptg.) 1994
A.T.D. 1995 From Abhinav Kala Mahvidyalaya,
Pune. Maharashtra, India.

The Bombay Art Society 2009
Art Society of India 2009
V.V. Oak Award Pune2009
State Art Award For Poratrait Painting 1995
Best Landscape Annual Awards 1991, 92,93,94
1st. Annual Award for Sketching 1990